I am a Danish photographer based in Copenhagen. In my work,  I am often drawn to people, who stand a bit outside the conventional and fast moving society. I am attracted to the non-sensational in everyday life situations and I love to observe people interacting. It makes me reflect on how we look and are looked upon. Furthermore, I find it fascinating, how I can get close to strangers, that first seem closed by using my curiosity and the camera as a bridge to interaction. This to me confirms, that we all just want to be seen, heard and documented as someone, who exists. 

I have worked with television and documentary for more than 5 years as a director, producer and videographer. This is for me the perfect job, because I get to tell stories about people and environments, I am not normally a part of. I have produced stories for the Danish broadcast companies DR, TV2 and TV3 - a lot of them as camera woman and director. One series is featured on Netflix around the world.  Several productions have taken me to China, Brazil, Serbia, Iceland, Greenland, Mexico, Uganda, India, USA, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Lebanon. And I have produced video content for The Danish Cancer Society, Novo Nordisk, The National Museum of Art, the music magazine Soundvenue, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Danish Innovation Centre, Tuborg and Specsavers.

- Masterclass, Fatamorgana (2017)

- Neue Schule Für Fotografie in Berlin (2016/17)

- TV - and Media direction, DMJX (2007/11)

- Literature and Modern Culture studies, KU (2004/07)

- 10 Year Anniversay exhibition, Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin. 2017.

- Fatamorgana Masterclass, Copenhagen. 2017.

- Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel, Germany. 2017

- Amnesty International, Berlin. 2016.

- Fashion Shoes, Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin. 2016.